Producing more for less

For the first time a small wind turbine can compete on the cost of power and provide energy for less than utility companies. The AS6 brings reliability and security to energy needs - not only saving costs but also the opportunity to generate an income.

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The TES is the complete low cost energy generation & storage solution offering total energy independence 24 hours a day. - Lowest cost secure, reliable power available – approximately half the utility price point for power fixed for 30 years
- Works on or off grid, no need for expensive Connections to external power source - System flexibility for water harvesting and treatment
  • Fixed power prices for up to 30 years.
  • Simplified payback period under 7.5 years*.
  • Eliminates need for expensive grid connection.
  • Effective on low wind sites.

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  • Suppression of noise emissions.
  • Planning permission not required in most areas.
  • Easy to install with tilt up tower technology.
  • Reduced moisture levels reducing air borne germs and mildew.

The most cost effective, secure, reliable energy solution

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Ideal for agricultural & small
industry sectors such as retail,
hotel & leisure as well as
energy intensive households