Street Life – Run Away From Time with Dim Feature

Airsynergy has launched a hybrid powered streetlight. The Renewable Power Unit (RPU) is wind and solar powered and also has a standby storage of up to 12 days. Should an area not require lighting at certain points of the day, the streetlight is also fitted with smart, power management technology […]

Breezy Point Puts Wind to Use

Breezy Point isn’t called “breezy” for nothing. Now those ocean winds at the tip of the peninsula are being put to work. As part of a pilot project, a wind and solar powered street lamp is now being put to the test on Beach 208th Street.


Airsynergy’s UK and Irish product launch at national ploughing championships, Ireland

Airsynergy showcases new market products – a hybrid street light & a total energy solution – and launches additional business line for heating and ventilation systems. 20 new jobs expected. Company’s new micro wind turbine to fix energy costs at half that of utilities for 30 years.


Bringing wind power to where it was never before imagined

Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention – or the momentum behind change. And sometimes it takes a catastrophic weather disaster such as 2012’s Superstorm Sandy for people to really look to innovative methods and disruptive technologies to fuel change and, in this case, also in urban environments.


Protecting innovation

Jim Smyth, Airsynergy’s CEO and lead inventor, first came up with the idea for our first innovation when he went to buy a traditional wind turbine for his own home. He believed a traditional turbine’s performance could be vastly improved by applying the air management techniques he used in his earlier career designing air conditioning systems.


Wind energy: a new philosophy from Airsynergy

Jim Smyth, Airsynergy CEO, writes that the natural evolution of technology can reveal a lot about the future of renewable energy and outlines the company’s expansion plans. Engineers and architects will soon have a much more attractive choice when it comes to wind power for residential and commercial developments.


Irish Ingenuity propels a new kind of turbine

Sometimes the greatest innovations are found at the intersection of technologies. Such is the case for the origin story of Airsynergy of Granard, county Longford, Ireland and its revolutionary new wind turbine.


Winter Wind Powers Granard Christmas Lights

On a chilly Sunday evening, the residents of Granard, County Longford gathered in anticipation of the lighting of the town’s Christmas tree. However, this holiday season, their tree has never been greener.


Revolutionary new Irish turbine turns a gentle breeze into a profitable gale

CAVAN-BORN Jim Smyth has designed a revolutionary new wind turbine that generates twice as much electricity as a conventional installation. The design – a huge technological breakthrough – allows electricity to be freely produced in places where there is little or no wind.


The Bottom Line speaks to Granard’s Airsynergy

Airsynergy’s CEO Jim Smyth discusses the power being Granard’s Christmas Tree Lights on the Bottom Line as well as their plans to release products to the market in the New Year ahead.