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Airsynergy is an innovator of cleantech products which generate an affordable, renewable, secure and reliable power supply to people everywhere. Airsynergy’s turbines are effective in locations with as little as 3 m/s wind speed and in urban locations with distorted wind sources. Airsynergy’s products exponentially increase the number of suitable installation sites globally and therefore the sales opportunities for our partners.

For the first time, people everywhere can have total energy independence for less than the cost of utilities.

Be Part of the Future. Become an Airsynergy partner.

Why partner with Airsynergy?

Airsynergy and its award-winning technology provides:

  • We can provide the most cost-effective form of energy generation on the planet. Energy costs less than 10 cent per KwH.
  • We facilitate a ten-fold increase in suitable turbine locations as our technology makes wind power successful on low wind sites.
  • We have products which provide compelling value propositions for potential customers.
  • Our turbines can be produced at smaller sizes than conventional counterparts. Smaller turbines mean lower labour, material and logistical costs.
  • Fast track to financial success. As a partner, you will gain access to cutting-edge, patented products that are the result of high monetary investment and extensive Research & Development.


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If you want to be the first company in your market territory with Airsynergy’s products contact our offices at +353 43 6660855 or email