Smart streetlight lights the way at historic Irish football ground

Wayside Celtic is a thriving, amateur football club in the heart of South Dublin. However, its players were plagued with one issue. When darkness fell at the grounds, the AstroTurf pitches were effectively illuminated, but the dual entrance and exit to the football grounds was not.

Brendan Mitchell, Senior Consultant Engineer at AECOM, and a regular player at the club commented: “Wayside Celtic required a solution to the lack of light at the entrance and exit of the club. Three senior teams, 28 schoolboy teams and an academy all play at the club, with some of the players being as young as six, so it was crucial that a viable lighting solution was found.”

Airsynergy’s Renewable Power Unit (RPU) – a hybrid wind and solar panelled streetlight which requires no trenching and ducting, was already well-known amongst those with an interest in the renewable energy sector and a few players at the club, and was suggested as an option for Wayside Celtic.

Brendan added: “Of course, the natural solution for the club would be to install a floodlight, similar to the ones on the pitch at the entrance to the grounds. However, this would have been an incredibly tricky process. The ductwork had already been laid for the current floodlights, and adding a new streetlight would mean trenching and ducting in the ground once again – an expensive and time-consuming task.”

Airsynergy’s RPU didn’t require any trenching or ducting; instead it was a simple, drop-in, no-fuss solution – ideal for Wayside Celtic. It also couldn’t have been easier to implement, according to Brendan: “The installation process, which took place in June 2016, was painless. At our end we were responsible for digging the hole and adding the concrete – before the guys from Airsynergy came along and installed the streetlight – which took them only a couple of hours!”

“At Wayside Celtic, we couldn’t be happier with the installation. We now have a streetlight which provides reliable, renewable power, and most importantly, it ensures that the masses of players can enter and exit the grounds safely.”






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