Tayto Park installs ground-breaking wind turbine

Tayto Park is Ireland’s first theme park, and contains enough thrills and spills to keep adults and children alike entertained. Situated twenty miles west of Dublin, it is a theme park which name originates from Ireland’s famous Tayto crisps.

Looking for a sustainable way of providing power

Visitor numbers have steadily increased for Tayto Park since its opening in 2011, with yearly visitor numbers topping 800,000. Providing power for Tayto Park is a large-scale operation, and one which required a rethink if cost-effectiveness and sustainability were to be prioritised. Utilising renewable power was an obvious solution, and Airsynergy’s Total Energy Solution (TES) was chosen to provide power to Tayto Park via a ground-breaking wind turbine.

When asked why Tayto Park chose Airsynergy over other wind turbine providers, Raymond Coyle, CEO and Founder of Tayto Park commented: “Airsynergy’s Total Energy Solution provided a particularly attractive opportunity for us as the wind turbine can produce 20,000 kWh per annum of renewable energy – double the power output of the other competitors we looked at.”

Airsynergy’s claims are backed up by patented technology. Its wind turbine differs from others on the market as it is comprised of a multi-bladed augmenter which concentrates and amplifies any air it attracts from the inside out, increasing the speed of wind flowing past the two-bladed rotor. This power generated at Tayto Park is fed directly into their grid. One wind turbine can provide power equivalent to that used in one of the theme park’s restaurants.

Installed with ease

The TES was installed in Tayto Park in June 2016, and when describing the installation, Coyle couldn’t have praised Airsynergy’s installation efforts more: “If I had to describe the installation in one word, it would be painless. Due to the slightness of the turbine, no planning permission was required, and when Airsynergy arrived to install the turbine, it took just two days.”

He added “It was a collaborative effort between ourselves and Airsynergy. Airsynergy provided us with training and information for our builders, who were then able to quickly and easily lay the foundations for the turbine, which was carried out before the installation to allow the concrete to set.”


The TES wind turbine provides the highest power output on the market, and can equate to cost-savings of over €6,000 per year. Cost-savings are incredibly important to any business, as is sustainability and its overall aesthetics.

Tayto Park is a customer-facing environment, and it was therefore crucial that the turbine blended in with the park surroundings and was aesthetically pleasing. Coyle added. “Although the TES turbine has been placed in one of the most prominent points in the park, it is not immediately visible to visitors, creates no noise pollution and certainly doesn’t overpower the park and its surroundings.”

The future for Tayto Park

Whilst Tayto Park currently only has one of the TES turbines installed, this could be about to change. In six months, the park will review the success of the turbine. Coyle comments: “If the turbine generates the exponentially high level of power expected, then Tayto Park will not only continue to use the current TES product, but it will also give the go-ahead for 120 more turbines.”

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