Through innovation and design, Airsynergy’s TES brings renewable, reliable, and affordable energy to places previously thought impossible.

The Total Energy Solution (TES) can provide over €4,000 worth of electricity per annum in micro installations and offer fixed power prices for up to 30 years. Offering a fast return on investment and a cheaper cost of energy than solar PV, the revolutionary TES is effective even on low wind sites making renewable energy generation a reality virtually anywhere in the world.

What gives the TES 100% increased power production compared to similarly rated turbines is the unique, patented multi-blade augmenter which accelerates the air flow on to the rotor system allowing it to cut in at under 2 m/s wind speeds.
The TES is easy to install thanks to tilt up tower technology and once operational barely emits any noise.


The most cost-effective, secure, reliable energy solution

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A solution which can be installed in almost any location imaginable, the TES has tapped into the potential that wind power can provide