Winter Wind Powers Granard Christmas Lights


Winter Wind Powers Granard Christmas Lights

On a chilly Sunday evening, the residents of Granard, County Longford gathered in anticipation of the lighting of the town’s Christmas tree. However, this holiday season, their tree has never been greener. When the 30-foot fir was illuminated to the delight of the hundreds of people in attendance, power for the lights was being supplied by a temporary Airsynergy wind turbine placed some 40 yards away.

Well-known TV personality Eddie Hobbs who is a non-executive board member of the local company was on hand to do the honours of switching on the lights in the town that will celebrate 750 years in 2015.

Granard-based Airsynergy, a leading renewable energy innovation company, donated the use of one its prototype turbines to help power the town’s Christmas lights and bought the tree for the town that has not had one in the past few years.

The company will be launching its first wind turbine products to market in January when they will be initially rolled out in Ireland, followed by the UK, US and further afield. The initial turbine range will be ideal for places like farms, homes, offices, hotels, factories, telecoms masts, golf clubs and sports facilities, car parks, streetlights, and ports.

“Through innovation and design, Airsynergy’s mission is to provide energy independence to anyone, anywhere. Our wind turbine technology brings renewable, reliable and affordable energy to places previously thought impossible. We are delighted to have this opportunity to be able to give back directly to the town of Granard where we have chosen for our headquarters,” said Jim Smyth, CEO of Airsynergy who hails from the town.

Airsynergy’s patented wind turbine solution features a ducted augmented wind turbine (DAWT) situated in front of the rotor which redirects and accelerates the air flowing past the blades, increasing the speed of the rotor and significantly increasing the power produced.

This innovation allows the Airsynergy turbine to produce twice as much annual power as traditional turbines for only around 20 per cent additional cost. Airsynergy turbines are also quieter, smaller and cuts the cost of power generation at source by more than half.

“We are able to do this in Granard because Airsynergy turbines do not have to chase the wind. They can be placed in locations with as little as 3.5 m/s in urban locations with distorted wind sources. With such performance at lower wind speeds, this innovation exponentially increases the number of suitable installation sites, bringing wind energy to places never before possible,” said Smyth.

And Hobbs, the Irish celebrity financial adviser well known for hosting successful TV show Rip Off Republic, added: “These turbines are smaller, quieter, more powerful and more affordable than anything available in the world. They will revolutionise the world’s wind map and make 80 per cent of the land mass suitable for wind power compared with the only 10 per cent today.

“Most importantly they will dramatically cut electricity bills for businesses and domestic properties by more than half what they currently pay to utility companies – and fix that price for decades.”

Smyth concluded proceedings saying: “I want to thank the Granard Local Traders Association, the Christmas tree committee and of course the towns people of Granard for allowing us to participate in the town’s celebration of the holiday season.”